Dissertation acknowledgment sample

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There are three types of dissertations:

Candidates write a master dissertation for masters. With a good base, dissertation work can be the basis for the candidate. The main difference between these two theses is the absence of the need for a future master in an independent study.

After the protection of candidate dissertation, the student receives a PhD degree, and the work itself becomes the basis for articles in scientific journals. In contrast to the master’s thesis, the applicant will need not only to offer any technical solution to the topic but also to conduct his or her own research. The latter should be positive, so the applicant should receive a scientifically-confirmed solution to the problem.

The doctoral dissertation is less common to all other options and is a work that needs a lot of work and time. The authors need to study a vast amount of material and literature and to conduct a study at a high level. After successful completion, the applicant receives not only the degree of doctor but also the right to teach at the university.

The master’s degree is written most often. But, like any scientific work, it must be framed according to all the rules and comply with the developed requirements.

The basic requirements are as follows:

  • A simple report or unscientific research is not accepted.
  • The work must be unique and relevant, meet a given topic, and comply with the specialty of the applicant.
  • The thesis requires novelty, and it must have any scientific and practical value.
  • It is desirable that the results be applied in practice with a positive effect.

Specific requirements are imposed on the content and design of the work. Each university may have its own standards to which the applicant can be guided.

Registration is made following the following rules:

  • The text is 70–120 pages, excluding supplements, and in some disciplines (economic and humanitarian) it can be increased to 150 pages. However, any excess of 70–90 pages is best stated with the manager.
  • The work is submitted on A4 sheets, one-sided printing, in black ink.
  • Font – Times New Roman, size 14.
  • Line spacing is 1.5.